Northwest Samoyed Rescue

Application Form

IMPORTANT: Read this page if you want a Samoyed:


First, we really want to help you find a Samoyed.  If we didn’t think this is the best breed on earth we wouldn’t be doing rescue work.

In recent years we have placed from one to five dogs annually. We continue to receive applications, sometimes several a day. We give preference to those who have lived with Samoyeds before, because they are not always an easy dog to own.

Are you looking for a young dog? Perhaps a puppy or a dog under three years old? It’s unlikely we will be able to help you. Young dogs are seldom in rescue and we have so many apps on file for young dogs it would take years and years to get to you. The exception to this rule might be the current situation in Iowa. We may receive a small number of the dogs seized from the puppy mill, but we can’t say how long it may be or how many we will get. The dogs are tied up in the legal system.

Samoyeds are dogs who want to explore. Some dogs will stay home, but this breed will run if given a chance. If you don’t have a fence, read this before you fill out the application.

Because so many more people apply than the number of dogs we help, many of our applicants will end up looking for a breeder. For advice on breeders, click here.

If you have room in your heart for a senior dog, or even a middle-aged dog, we really want to hear from you because those are the dogs who need homes.

We ask for an adoption donation of $500, which is quite a lot less than the costs of an average rescue dog. If a dog has had extraordinary costs we have to ask for a higher donation. Our goal is to break even. We also require a signed adoption agreement.

Thank you.

To download an application, RIGHT-CLICK HERE and save the PDF application file to your computer. On a separate sheet, please give us a short paragraph on exactly why you are looking for a Samoyed and not some other breed.

You can either scan and email the application to the address below or drop it in the mail to the address at the bottom of it. If you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you can use it to fill out the form electronically and email it back to us.

Honest, we aren’t trying to make this difficult. We are trying to minimize the dozens of apps each month from people who want Samoyeds because they are pretty dogs.

For questions or to return the app, please write to

Northwest Samoyed Rescue places dogs in homes in Washington, Oregon, and northern Idaho. If you live outside our area, please visit