Northwest Samoyed Rescue

Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho


Every year hundreds of Samoyeds throughout the country become homeless through no fault of their own. These are rescue dogs. They are not second class dogs; they are dogs that need a second chance.

How do these dogs become homeless? Sometimes they come from broken homes. Sometimes their people move away or an owner dies or a new baby arrives. Sometimes we find them in shelters. Usually they are adults, sometimes they are old, and only rarely do we see puppies or very young dogs.

Rescue dogs are usually housebroken and many have some training. Rescuing a Samoyed gives a young dog a new life. It gives an older dog the chance to live out his last years in comfort. He will give you unquestioning devotion and a friend for life.

Do you have a Samoyed in need? Click here to e-mail us. We want to help!

Northwest Samoyed Rescue is happy to offer White Pine collars and leads. We spent a lot of time researching brands, and we believe these are the highest quality we can offer, soft with colors that won’t bleed onto our dogs’ coats.

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