Northwest Samoyed Rescue


These are the wonderful people who make rescue possible, and let us
place dogs in good homes for adoption fees much less than our cost.


Lisa Bennetts
In honor of Jill Reedy and Stella

Megan Mohler
In memory of Brian Morrison’s dog Codah

Karyne and Robert Kieta

Margo Karler
In memory of Koko and Thor

Ken and Liz Summa
In loving memory of our Kaiser, GCHB CH Sundance Mischief & Mayhem Summa CGC TKN

Bonnie Holloway
In honour of a friend whose kindness and generosity are very much appreciated

Terry Jeppesen
in memory of her dog Tasha

Jan Hilton
in memory of Tasha

Bobbie & Richard LaFortune
Friends and donors

Karen Kilen
for her loyalty and many donations

Brad Rosenberg
in honor of Karen Rochat

Lucinda Steffes
in memory of Rod Palmborg

Jennifer DeMella
in honor of Jiaozi

Jeff Morrison
in memory of Clarence

Judy Maleng
in memory of Dennis Jepppesen

Christie Martinez

Milam Pharo & Joey Porcelli
in memory of Clarence

Jeff Morrison
in honor of Dakota

Cheri Hollenback
in memory of Tacy Cook’s Tasha

Kathy & Duane Timmons

Bennett Hillenbrand
in memory of Garth Anderson

Celine Cutler
who has donated over and over again

in memory of Sanje,
loved by Brad Jones

Anita King & Howard Brockman
Generous donors…
in memory of  Charlie
in memory of  Shadow
and to benefit Lily’s surgery

The D’Asaro Family
in memory of  Misha
in memory of  Meshka

 Penny Porcelli
in honor of Nicky, Holley, & Hans

Tom and Erin Sitterley
tireless volunteers
for both donations and time

Connie and Ken Samsome
in memory of  Aria

River’s Edge Pet Medical Center
in memory of  “Aria” Sansome

Chase & Carol Brand

Carla Hatley, William Hal & Riley
in memory of Joyce Widmer’s “Haiku”

Martha Forward
In memory of Ch. Mystiwind Spark of Starlight “Sparky”

Char and Joe Koski
In loving memory of Garii

Joy & Joe Ritter
in honor of C-C

Sue Yim
In memory of Biscotti

Roberta Swanson-Holm
in memory of Dakota

Russ and Joan Black

Suzanne Nurre
Christina Decker
in memory of Luna

Natalie Greene

Tori Shawl
in memory of Tinkerbell, Daisy, Susquatch,
Igor, Mece, Wooly Bully & Lil’ Sis

Joan Luna
in memory of Dale Smith

Beverly & Gregg Peterson
in memory of Hopkins

Norma Irish
in the name of Cheri Hollenback

Debbie Egge

Dennis & Terry Jeppesen

Button and Rod Cook

Mrs. Janice Yinger Constancio
In memory of Mary Yinger

Anne Hilton
in memory of Sonoma Rose Jeppesen

Kathy and Duane Timmons
in honor of Louise Goodman’s birthday

Louise Goodman & George Johnson

Marilyn & Gordon Dahl

Holley Irvine & Hans Bjordahl