Northwest Samoyed Rescue

A word about fences…

While some dogs are content never to roam, wanting only to be at the side of a family member, that’s not the case with Samoyeds. These are curious dogs, intelligent and usually looking for a new experience. They have a high energy level. A fence is not an option, it’s a necessity.

There are admittedly one or two Samoyeds in a hundred who would never run away, but it’s a chance we won’t take. It’s the reason we find many dogs in shelters — because they ran away from home and couldn’t find their way back.

If you live in an apartment or a condo, this might sound unfair. We believe it would be better to re-examine your choice of breed. These dogs aren’t well suited for confined living. Without adequate exercise they get into trouble trying to find an outlet for all their energy.

Please don’t tell us you are about to build a fence, or that you will do something if we find you the right dog. The next step after submitting your application is a home visit, and if you don’t have a fence we’re not going to schedule the visit. We’re going to ask you to get back to us after it’s built.

If you have an “invisible fence,” you have an illusion of a fence. We can relate stories of Samoyeds who have escaped when they saw something to chase that was worth getting a shock. We will not place dogs where applicants do not have a physical fence.

We hope you understand our requirement. We are the only advocates for dogs in our care. We take our job seriously. If you don’t have a secure place for your dog, please think again about looking for a Samoyed.

Thank you for understanding.