Northwest Samoyed Rescue

Finding a new home for your Samoyed


To those of us who love the breed, our Samoyeds are our families. We understand that events in our lives can bring unexpected results, and that sometimes dogs need new homes.

The most important part:

We want to help. To do that, we need a signed release form giving Rescue the right to place your dog. Then we can begin the critical job of finding a new home for it. We exist to help your dog, but we can’t ask our volunteers to spend dozens of hours until we have that form.

This is who we are:

We are all volunteers. Each of us donates our time because we love the breed. We hope you understand that rescue work is done around the rest of our lives and we may not be able to respond immediately — but we will try to answer as soon as possible. We love the breed and will do everything we can for the good of your dog. The welfare of your dog is our primary concern.

Many times we don’t have homes ready and waiting. We need you to take care of your dog while we search for a new home. It takes time to match your dog to the right new family, and our foster homes are limited (we have only two). If we fill those with owner surrenders we won’t have room for shelter dogs in danger of being euthanized.

If your dog barks too much, digs, or has behavior problems, it’s probably bored or unhappy. There are trainers in every area who can help you. Please try that first. If you want our ideas and suggestions, we’re happy to give you our time.

If you have a child in the house who has allergies, please make sure it’s the dog. Samoyeds have almost no dander and are rarely the cause of allergies.

If you truly love your dog and you have to move, please look for a place that allows dogs.

Finally, if you have already made the decision to part with your Samoyed and you know you won’t change your mind, tell us. It saves a lot of time and it’s easier on all of us.

What we need from you:

First of all we need to know you have a Samoyed. It is a fact of rescue that people looking for a purebred dog aren’t going to be interested in a mix. We will help whenever possible if you don’t have a purebred Samoyed, but we may have to suggest no-kill shelters. When you contact us we will ask for pictures. If you have no way of sending a digital picture we can arrange for a volunteer to meet you and take the pictures we need to list your dog.

Your Samoyed must be neutered or spayed and up to date on shots. We need your veterinary records. If we end up taking your dog before it is altered, we have to ask for you to pay for it at the time of surrender.

You need to sign a surrender form releasing the dog to rescue, and provide proof that the dog is yours.

Until a home is found, we need you to keep your dog with you. It is much less stress on your dog to move only once, and again, it’s a matter of foster homes.

There is a $25 fee to help cover our expenses. Since we are a non-profit organization, it is in the form of a tax-deductible donation. In case of hardship we can waive the fee. If it means the life of a Samoyed we will figure out a way to help. Period.

What we will do:

One of our volunteers will come to visit and assess your dog so we can best match it to a new home.

We get applications from people who love Samoyeds and want one in their home. We promise your dog will go to the most suitable home we can find.

Your dog will be added to our web site and to a national listing service. We’re going to do everything possible to unite your dog and his/her perfect new home.


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